The Summer Institute

As a new Chapter Founder at the Summer Institute 2010, hearing about the personal experiences of Chapter Leaders from other universities really inspired and excited me about my own Chapterís potential. Students are the heart of this organization, so meeting Nourish students from across the country was an invaluable experience for me.
                                                                       –Felicia Alexander, UNM Chapter Founder and Leader

When: August 4-8, 2011

Where: University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

Who: 2+ representatives from each Nourish Chapter. Registration is only available for Nourish Chapter members and accepted Chapter Founders.

Cost: $150, which covers accommodations, meals for five days, the institute content and other fun Nourish activities. We offer travel grants and scholarships. Please see the tab on the left for more information.

“Attending the Summer Institute is the best way to get energized about the Nourish movement and equipped to take your Chapter to the next level!”
– Paul Szurek, Wake Forest Chapter Founder and Leader

The Nourish International Summer Institute is a rigorous and rewarding 5-day conference that prepares our students for the challenges they’ll face as Chapter members. Through workshops, mentoring, and hands-on training, they’ll learn how to raise money, contact community partners and run a successful Nourish chapter on their campuses in the upcoming year.

Participation in the Institute fully enables Nourish students to hit the ground running as they begin new and exciting adventures in the following year.

Training at the 2010 Institute focused on:

  • VenturesIncreasing profitability and sustainability of funds; putting business ideas into practice.
  • ProjectsSelecting the right partner / project: How to maximize your impact.
  • LeadershipHow to develop leaders, set expectations and react constructively to crisis and conflict situations.
  • ChaptersBuilding membership and increasing your Chapterís capacity.
  • Networking with peers
  • Career Planning
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